10 May 2011 5:04 PM

Letwin's clipboard

Oliver Letwin gave a presentation to Cabinet this morning on the Coalition's record to date.

Apparently, it has completed 66 per cent of its target workload for its first year while 31 per cent are works in progress. Only three per cent are overdue.

For uber-geeks, that translates as 842 actions completed, 391 underway and 43 running late.

David Cameron told the Cabinet that the Government was proving to be strong and had momentum on its side. Voters would see it “getting on with the job".

Nick Clegg is telling his parliamentary party tonight that they must take the election disasters on the chin and "finish the job". There will be a "louder Lib Dem voice" in the Government from now on.

It sounds like Christmas dinner after a big family row. Polite (unlike last week's cross-table arguments) but an awful lot not being said out loud.

Joe Murphy


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