09 June 2011 6:09 PM

Akers of the Yard's terms of reference

Tom Watson has made another advance in his campaign for a wider and deeper investigation into phone hacking.

This is from the letter that fired his intervention at yesterday's Prime Minister's Questions.  It is from a letter to him from Sue Akers, the deputy assistant commissioner at the Met who is in charge of the current probe.

"The information regarding Mr Rees may be outside the Terms of Reference of my investigation but the MPS are assessing your allegation along with others we have received to consider a way forward. I have passed your letter on to the officer completing this assessment and I will write back to you when I know more."

At PMQTs Watson asked why Scotland Yard should deem Rees to be outside their terms and got the Prime Minster to restate that the police must "follow the evidence" wherever it leads. The Labour MP is now saying the Met must follow the PM's advice . . .

Joe Murphy



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