13 June 2011 3:03 PM

Hunt smashes Crow

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt went in for the smash today as Tube unions threatened a strike during Wimbledon.

No pussy-footing as the Government was accused of doing last month over a planned walk-out on the Underground then.

“RMT’s plans to strike during Wimbledon looks like nothing more than a cynical attempt to ruin one of our great sporting events," Mr Hunt tells The Standard.

"Thousands of fans will be left disappointed if these blackmail plans go ahead.”

But RMT boss Bob Crow is not easily blasted off the court.

"RMT isn’t blackmailing anyone," he hit back.

The union was "simply standing up for basic workers rights" which was "clearly too much for old-school Tory right-wingers like Jeremy Hunt to stomach," he added.

Just the kind of heavy-hitting match which will set Wimbledon alight. 

Nicholas Cecil






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Crow really is the totally unacceptable face of Trade Unionism. His wholly anachronistic weasel words betray the truth, which is that he couldn't care less about genuine workers rights, he just wants to abuse his members by using them as pawns in his hard left political battles, battles that are as completely out of date, and long ago lost, as he is.

The hypocrisy of this man, with his £100 000+ a year pay package but still living in a Housing Association property that is badly needed for someone in real housing need, knows no bounds does it.

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