21 June 2011 4:52 PM

Lunchtime List

All today's Evening Standard political stories in one place.

All knife thugs to get 6 months
Thugs who brandish knives will go to prison for at least six months, David Cameron announced today.

Tweets are all mine, claims MP accused of being a ghost writer
A London MP today denied claims that his Twitter output was "blatantly ghost written" by a researcher.

Ed Miliband v Nick Clegg
Ground: Opinion polls
Kickoff: 9am
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most unpopular of them all?” Poor Cleggie has been runaway winner in the no-mates stakes since the university fees debacle. But, gosh, now his magic mirror has changed its answer! According to pollsters ICM, Clegg has slid to a rock bottom “satisfaction rating” of minus-20. But somehow Labour Leader Red Ed has crashed even lower, to a humiliating minus-21. David Cameron, meanwhile, is smugly nursing a score of, er, minus-five. In this beauty parade, there are no winners.
Score: Miliband 0, Clegg 0


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