22 June 2011 2:40 PM

Lunchtime List

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Benefit shake-up could force thousands of pupils to move home
Thousands of schoolchildren in parts of central London could be forced to move because of housing benefit cuts, the Standard has learned.

Don't rush Afghanistan pullout, Obama and Cameron warned
Military chiefs and MPs today warned Barack Obama and David Cameron against too hasty a withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Strike-breaking laws are not backed by public, says Tebbit
The man who led Margaret Thatcher's battle against the unions today warned David Cameron not to seek to impose new strike-breaking laws without public support.

MP's bid to ban smoking in cars carrying children
A move to outlaw smoking in cars carrying children was launched in the Commons today.

MPs lose document courier perk
MPs have been stopped from having documents hand-delivered to their homes after the little-known perk was exposed by the Evening Standard.

Greece 'may need four bailouts' after PM wins vote of confidence
Greece may need four huge bailouts to rescue its sickly economy, which threatens to sink the euro, former chancellor Alistair Darling warned today.

No 10 rejects allies' call for Libya ceasefire
Downing Street today dismissed a call from key allies Italy and the Arab League for a ceasefire in Libya.

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