20 June 2011 3:33 PM

Obama's new special relationship

There has been a noticeable warming of relations between US president Barack Obama and the newest arrival at No10.

No not David Cameron. Larry the cat.

“Larry’s not very keen on men, he was a rescue cat and I have a feeling that he had some bad...."The Prime Minister told Steve Wright’s BBC Radio 2 show

“He loves all the women in Number 10 but he’s nervous of the men.

“Funnily enough, he liked Obama, Obama gave him a stroke and he was alright with Obama. He’s doing well.”

Mr Cameron also gave an insight into his daily life.

“A typical day for me - I try to get to the kitchen table with the red boxes at 5.45 with a cup of coffee, and I try to do 2 hours work before breakfast with the children. That’s the normal thing.

“This morrning I went for a run, so I did a few kilometres, it was a lovely day, it was nice to run through the park and obviously we have a little one (Florence) and sometimes an order comes from above, as it were, and she’s brilliant.

“So I can sometimes grab her and she can now hold the bottle so it’s very good that she can hold the bottle and I concentrate on the work.”

He added that living at No10 can “feel slightly like you’re living in a museum”.

Speaking of his wife Samantha, he added: “She did a brilliant job - at no additional cost to the tax payer I might add - she’s made it like a family home. So it’s got a lovely kitchen which the family can sit in, we have one room where the kids to their homework and where you cook the supper.

“We wanted to make it so we’d be happy there and feel that when you walk over the threshold, we leave the formal bit behind and it’s your family home.”

Nicholas Cecil



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