12 July 2011 7:26 AM

Laws rehab goes off the rails

Oh dear. The Coalition whips' attempts sneak through the rebahibilitation of David Laws hit a big snag last night.

For a second time, the Order Paper contained a resolution appointing him to the Draft Financial Services Bill (Joint Committee) alongside heavyweights like Peter Lilley and Nick Brown.

The first time, you may recall, their plan was shelved after this blog revealed what was going on. Then last night they tried again.

"Object!" cried a couple of well-prepared Labour voices from the darker corners of the chamber.

That scuppered the attempt to slip it through on the nod.  Now the Coalition may have to agree to a 90-minute debate on the cvommittee's membership followed by a formal vote.

Which with all the current preoccupation about "fit and proper" people leaves an open door for Opposition mischief over Mr Laws' expenses.


Joe Murphy

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In what way is it 'Opposition mischief' to point out that Laws paid £40,000 of our money to his lover on the pretext that he was his 'landlord'?


David Laws suffers from a very unfortunate surname, in view of his transgressions.

I can't see them calling him "The ComeBack Kid".

He broke the 11th. Commandment - thou shalt not get found out.

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