16 August 2011 4:48 PM

Clegg's very Lib-Dem riot payback

On another busy day in Westminster, one thing stood out to me from Nick Clegg's post-riot plan.

Not the "communities and victims panel" to hear tales of suffering and find solutions, nor the plan to meet convicted looters "at the prison gates" and force them into work - however that will happen - but the "riot payback scheme".

"In every single one of the communities affected there will be community payback schemes, riot payback schemes, where you will see people in visible orange clothing making up the damage done, repairing and improving the neighbourhoods affected," he said.

Hang on a minute, visible orange clothing? Did Mr Clegg pick the colour on purpose? After all, it is the hue of Lib-Dems "winning here" up and down the country, as the day-glo placards have it.

Craig Woodhouse
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