30 September 2011 10:50 AM

Revealed: The Tory conference slogan (and more)

We can reveal that David Cameron's confernce will open under the slogan .... drum roll ....

"Leadership For A Better Future."

It's a phrase that acknowledges tough times but contains that classic Cameron optimism, pointing to a rturn of the good times if people stick with a tough leader.

In today's Standard there's a lively interview with the charming Tory chairman Sayeeda Warsi, who reveals the slogan and explains why leadership is the prime focus of the conference - and why families will "instinctively" swallow the tough medicine prescribed by Dr Cameron.

 "It would be so easy for us to get the [government’s] chequebook out and not make the tough calls. But ask people if they would prefer to have it easy now or, by taking tough decisions, create a better future for their children, most will instinctively choose to put their children first.”

Warsi is on her usual bubbly form. Shge reveals that she, Cameron and other ministers will be recroding audiobooks for blind chuildren during the conference (it's their latest social action project and us Press boys are invited to do the same).

The first considered Tory attack on Ed Miliband's speech is also there. She says Labour created the something-for-nothing society and asks how Ed's speech squares with Labour's opposition to removing legal aid from cheeky squatters.

There's lots more ... a return to old fashioned conference debates, some amazing techie innovations etc.

But my favourite line is a cracking joke about when Chris Huhne compared to the evil Dr Geobbels. “When I was young my mum wanted me to be a doctor and I never lived up to her expectations [Warsi became a lawyer]. What I always say is, the Conservatives might have made me a Lady - but it took the Liberal Democrats to make me a doctor.”



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In reality there will be precious little leadership and the usual stage-managed showmanship to trigger Pavlovian applause from the party legions.

The deficit is not going down and the party is behind an insipid Labour party in the polls. Cue a few announcements that sound like doing something but aren't really, such as standing up to EU social security proposals when Cameron's really quite happy to be told what to do by the EU.

Then there's the try on about raising motorway speed limits (it's been leaked that there will only be a consultation, so no action before 2013). The gesture politics behind the tiny M4 bus lane change are another example.

Meanwhile Labour's war against the motorist merrily carries on - high fuel duty getting even higher, rising parking charges across London, no action to reduce the number of speed cameras that bleed safe drivers - well, we know who needs our money!

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