20 October 2011 3:30 PM

Huhne warned over return to dark ages

On Monday the Government held an energy summit after outrage at suggestions the Big Six energy firms are making £125 profit per customer.

But the desire to be seen to be driving down bills has sparked an angry (and entertaining) response from Ukip.

Upsetting the party's energy spokesman Godfrey Bloom is Chris Huhne's condemnation of high bills and the assertion that households could save £200 a year by careful budgeting and price comparison sites.

He told ESP Huhne should be "sent for remedial mathematics" because he "seems to want our vital energy sector to operate at a loss".

Flying the flag for market-based economics, he added: "The entire political class seem determined to boost the profits of candle makers at the expense of everybody else.

"The energy companies need profits to invest in better and secure supply. Without that we return to the dark ages."

It won't be a popular message - apart from with the gas and electricity giants.

Craig Woodhouse
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