18 October 2011 9:11 AM

Miliband demands Cameron make Fox statement

11am Stop Press - Ed Miliband himself is tabling an urgent question calling on the PM to make a statement on the Fox report

Ed Miliband is not westing an opportunity to put the PM under pressure. The Gus O'Donnell report is due out this afternoon.  But Labour want Cameron himself to present it to the Commons with an Oral Statement and answer questions.

A Labour source told ESP: "David Cameron must come to the Commons to make clear the full extent of the links between his ministers and Adam Werritty's activities. It is time for full transparency."

This would be an uncomfortable situation for the PM.  For a start the G.O.D. report will leave a lot of questions unanswered, including who paid for Adam Werritty's travels. You can bet that a row over cover-ups will be created before the ink is even dry.  The PM promised last week that he would look into other ministers' links with Werritty but this is not what he had in mind, to be sure.

Mr Cameron can say no but the Speaker could agree to an emergency question, forcing a minister to the Commons. Stand by for a stormy afternoon.



Joe Murphy




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