14 November 2011 2:40 PM

The "out of touch" Labour mantra

There has been a dramatic escalation in recent weeks of Labour spokesmen attacking the Government as "out of touch".

This reached tautological levels today as Ed Miliband declared: "The problem is they just seem out of touch and don’t seem to be in touch with the real needs of businesses and people up and down this country."

An advanced Google search of Labour's news pages for the term "out of touch" throws up 727 results.

They include the Government being "out of touch" on defence, families and pensioners, students, women, businesses, reappointing Lord Young, SureStart, fuel and energy prices, crime and criminal justice, the Thameslink contract, equality, and "the real world".

The same accusation was levelled at Theresa May's border control and Vince Cable and Oliver Letwin's letter dumping; Dan Jarvis said David Cameron's conference speech showed he was "out of touch"; and Tessa Jowell used it against Westminster Council's plan to impose weekend and evening parking charges.

It was even levelled by Tom Watson in connection with Patrick Mercer's unflattering comments about the PM.

Do you think Labour are trying to tell us something?

Craig Woodhouse
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Labour are out of touch

Labour are the ones who are out of touch.

If Labour are so in touch, why have they not announced any new policies?

Diane Hain

That the Tories haven't got the answers & their arrogance have made things so much worse, that they set out a dialogue that has come home to roost running our economy down and comparing it to Greece, that they had no idea of the consequences their policies would bring to ordinary people, and women in particular,nor did they care, ideology being their main driver, that they are OUT OF TOUCH with the lives of most of us as they live VERY DIFFERENT LIVES and just don't have any empathy with us. THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER.

Labour are the ones who are out of touch

Ed Miliband and Harriet Harman are both Millionaires, indeed Miliband goes on about tax - Didn't he have a family trust that he was a major beneficiary? Harman, an heiress and child of the upper classes.

Increasing public spending and increasing the debt is not a solution but the problem.

The only people talking the economy down are the Labour Party in the form of Ed Balls and Ed Miliband. The people being ideological are Labour, Cameron has been very pragmatic about dealing with the countries problems especially so given the Lib Dem problem.

Labour Screwed up the Economy and left a mess. The economy collapsed in the Labour recession of 2008 - 2010, economic output/GDP fell 7.4%. That is the largest fall since the 1930's and indeed was greater than the 1930's fall in the UK. I am sick of Labour working against the National Interest and playing politics. Labour are relient on trade union funding and get something like 99% of their donations from the unions which are relient on the public sector mainly because Union dominated manufacturing was put out of business by the unions or what was lesft by Labour's economic incomptence. The one percent comes from one man Andrew Rosenfould, who is a tax excile.

Labour are a disgrace.


Politicians of all political persuasions are, in the main, part of the British Establishment and have their eyes on social advancement, wealth and power. They are collectively out of touch; how many of them (especially the so called elite) put their children through private education, have private health care and excellent salaries/expense accounts and pension prospects. They are selected in their constituencies by a cabal of Establishment oriented cronies who police the entry requirements on behalf of their respective parties.
The British Establishment (of which the monarchy is the keystone) is "out of touch" and does not care because it knows it has control of the levers of power and no politician is going to rock the boat. Even Union bosses have their eyes on preferment, wealth and power; it would not surprise me if John Prescott's favourite ditty is: "the working class can kiss my a---I'm in the House of Lords at last".


Too me, its labour who needs 2 take a good long look at themselves. For them 2 say that our economic problems started in May 2010 is a bit rich. The riots in the summer proved 2 me that disenfranchment of the young was going on for many years before Cameron turned up... Easy credit, booming property prices, we never had it so good?? Then POP no credit and households up and down the country in debt. Labour were responsible 4 allowing these conditions to develop and now they are in denial about there involvement when it failed. For Labour to be credible again, get rid of Ed Balls and anyone directly involved in the failed Brown years. Ed Milliband must address voters mis trust and admit that Brown and Blair got it wrong in so many ways. Only then will voters take Labour seriously again


Surely this is the result of Labour kicking the can down the road by frog marching half the school leavers into university to spend three years doing media studies. Now they are coming out expecting great jobs, most with a bit a paper that an employer cant distinguish if it isnt from one of the top ranked universities. Some of them cant even do basisc maths. The poor sods who didnt go dont even get a look in as they dont have a degree.

But where are teh jobs you say - well the public sector boomed and bloated under Blair and now has little left that it cant regulate or administrate and the private sector has little incentive to start a business and create jobs when you get smashed on taxes or investing in your own business.

Its typical but galling to hear another labour smart arse criticising trying to sort out something entirely of their making. Particulary when mealy mouthed pip squeak milliband cant even by himself a suit that fits !

Keith Simpson

You've rumbled the Labour comms machine. They think that if they say the same thing enough times we will believe it. Same old (New) Labour. Same old spin. Same old patronising of the electorate. The hypocrisy is jaw dropping.

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