16 February 2012 2:05 PM

More than one SteveHiltonGuru?


Lots of folk are intrugued by Twitter's funny and well-informed spoof, SteveHiltonGuru.

But perhaps they should be thinking of SteveHiltonGurus in plural.

Because, there may be more than one Guru in the Wigwam of Trust, a possibility that the highly perceptive Paul Waugh recently raised.

For those into Hiltonology - and to alert Steve to a potential breach of his armour-plated security - here's what might just be the FAKE STEVE TELL. He uses an awful lot of different technology.  Mostly, the Guru tweets from an iPhone, which is the perfect tool for discreet tweeting under the menu while sipping a smoothie in Rawesome. But he also uses a Macintosh computer a lot, which would be more approriate to a secure office. Sometimes he tweets from an iPad and occasionally from the web. That's an odd mix of hardware for one person.

He uses the iPhone mostly (1,704 times to be exact, compared with 1,342 tweets from his Mac). However, in December, November and September, he used the Mac more often than his iPhone - which might suggest two Steves providing holiday cover for each other. During Prime Minister's Questions, he currently switches to the Mac for prolific outbursts, but once in January used an iPad for the 30-minute session (was someone away - or did he bring in a "double" to throw watchers off the scent?).

Now, perhaps I'm getting carried away on the heady scent of incence wafting from the wigwam, but I think I can detect subtle differences in tone and style between tweets from the different machines.

The iPhone Guru is mystical and whimsical, and well plugged into California and No 10.  Here he is in action:

STEVE Hilton @SteveHiltonGuru
TIME FOR HEAVY ARTILLERY: Glover not cutting it. Ro, get Kruger in to work on the big crime speech @danny__kruger #winning
9:39 AM - 3 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone
STEVE Hilton @SteveHiltonGuru
PERFECT AFTERNOON: chilling with green tea and undisturbed downloadathon on iTunes. #ipodupdate #aheadofthecurve #winning

STEVE Hilton @SteveHiltonGuru
THE FRUIT MACHINE OF LIFE: doesn't always throw up 3 pineapples. #oneofthosedays #wigwamblues #whatevs

The "Steve" who uses Twitter for Mac seems a tad less whacky and mysterious ... less Guru-like.

STEVE Hilton @SteveHiltonGuru
DRE as usual just playing Angry Birds on the iPad during PMQ prep#losing
12:42 PM - 8 Feb 12 via Twitter for Mac ·

STEVE Hilton @SteveHiltonGuru
Golly what an unexpected qu from Dineage
STEVE Hilton @SteveHiltonGuru
McCabe. Oh dear. Labour repeating themselves. Messy tactics. Baldwin took eye off ball.


Time for a Wheatgrass smoothie.  And time for the Guru to consider varying his routines, because the last thing I'd want is to see him/them outed.

Of course, this may all be just chaff thrown up by Hilton himself to throw us off the scent.  As Verbal said in the Ususal Suspects:

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. #winning



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Used an iPad in January you say. A certain Harry Cole reported getting an iPad for Christmas.


Diff styles, possibly, yes, but I use all four of these platforms all the time so no clue there.

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